Rules, Regulations, and Notice to Campers

1) The Recreational Vehicles for the Campground shall be strictly limited to those units which are self contained to include sanitary facilities. All Recreational Vehicles occupying a space shall be required to have at a minimum (1) water closet, (1) lavatory, (1) shower, along with kitchen facilities, refrigeration, cooking equipment, and hot and cold running water. All units are required to have sanitary holding tanks for grey water and solid waste.

2) All Minor Children must be directly supervised by an Adult.

3) There are no Open Fires or Campfires permitted other than those made in the vessel provided by the Campground.

4) Pets must always be leashed, and their waste must be picked up, bagged, and disposed of in trash receptacles.

5) Reservations require a deposit of at least one day rental, and once made cannot be cancelled unless cancelled 7 days prior to the date of arrival. A $10 handling fee will be charged for all cancellations made 7 days prior to the scheduled arrival. No refunds if cancelled within 7 days prior to arrival.

6) Vehicles - One motor vehicle per camp site

7) Boats - One Boat per camp site @ 17' Maximum

8) Trash & Recycling - All trash must be "bagged" and placed in appropriate receptacles around the Campground. All recycling must be placed in the appropriate receptacles around Campground.

9) Our Campground is a designed to maintain a serene, quiet atmosphere. Please respect your neighbors. Any behavior that is determined as disruptive will result in your leaving the Campground if it continues after one warning. Please be respectful of others.

10) Guests - Guests are permitted, limited to two persons. You are responsible for their behavior.

11) Damages - Any damages to our property is the responsibility of the Camper or Guest of the Camper causing the damage. Payment for damages by the Camper must be made when the damage occurs.

12) When you rent a site in our Campground you assume ALL LIABILITY for whatever may occur, and you will hold Heritage Bay Front Camping Resort harmless for any loss resulting from anything that occurs while you or your guests are on the premises.